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Your dream is your passion but do you have the business skills to scale big and make a sustainable impact?

We will stand by your side and make it happen.

We are great in social entrepreneurship because we have travelled this path.

We are crazy entrepreneurs like you.

We are.


Are you ready for courageous innovation and scaling?

we do

We offer different services as no entrepreneur is the same.

You can choose from a personal and customised approach, scale programs or becoming part of the network of crazy ones.
It’s up to you!


There is no standard formula for success.

That is why we offer a customized and personal approach.

Based on our own experiences and business skills, we help you to find the solutions to scale your impact.

We will stand by your side and make it happen.


Together with a like minded group of crazy ones, you will follow an inspiring and structured program that will help you to determine your moonshot and the roadmap to get there.

This program is under development. If your interested, please send us an email and we'll inform you when the program will start.


Around the globe, millions of crazy ones are trying to change the world.

We want to bring them together so they can learn from each other. And to inspire them with online courses, the CRZY! Ones Podcast, funding opportunities, the latest techniques in entrepreneurship, best practices etc.

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The Social Scale

Every enterprise is different. That is why you need a unique combination of solutions. To make it easier to find these solutions we developed The Social Scale Framework.

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Moonshot & ikigai

What is your crazy dream? And what do you love to do?

Your personal drive is critical in order to succeed.


Product/Market fit

Your product or service needs to be a diamond before you start scaling up. We will help you to go from good to great.


Business model & funding

Money makes the world go round. If you want to make impact, you need to make money.


growth opportunities

Our business development process will help your team to identify and select new business opportunities. And we will have some ideas too.



If you can't storytell, you won't sell.

Your personal story is your unique selling point.


professionalise organisation

Your organisation is your engine. You'd better make sure it runs smoothly and efficiently or you'll end up with a breakdown.

of the crzy ones

Take a look at some of the examples of social entrepreneurs we helped to scale up.

Our customers are both For Profit and Non-profit organisations.

Social Care Network

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Social Care Network

Social Care Network is the leading company in The Netherlands for online marketplaces for volunteering, facilitating 13 mln hours of volunteering. The assignment was to make a plan for 10x the current impact and turnover. After identifying and researching more than 30 business opportunities, the 5 most promising were selected. A new vision and strategy was made with a new moonshot: a digital revolution in doing good in Europe, connecting 50 million Europeans. The proposition of the products and services was adapted to this strategy and a plan was made with priorities and actions.

Testimonial Jeroen de Punder (CEO)

“Combining doing good with doing business is not a walk in the park. Last year I worked intensively together with Patrick, who guided our company through the process of finding, testing and implementing new growth initiatives. His passion for impact is contagious - Combined with his strategic skills to structure different processes he enables a team to eat the elephant with one bite at a time. We now have a plan at hand that secures our growth for the coming years. If you have a challenging project at hand that links to impact or doing good I would recommend Patrick without any hesitation.”

Ebee Africa

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Ebee Africa

eBee is a start-up in Kenia with a mission to revolutionize sustainable mobility in Sub Sahara Africa through e-bikes. Funding is an essential part of their strategy as the e-bikes are offered as a product-as-a-service. The assignment was to make a funding strategy for €100+ mln. Besides delivering the funding strategy, Patrick also supported the founders in starting the business with his knowledge of entrepreneurship and his network.

Testimonial Joost Boeles (CEO)

“Patrick advised us on our funding strategy as Funding Advisor. He helped us determining our finance needs and finding matching opportunities. In addition he helped us with strategic issues during our startup phase. Patrick was very successful in his assignment due to his 120% commitment, experience and high level network. We are grateful for his contribution. In addition, Patrick is an inspiring mentor who truly understands the social responsibility of entrepreneurship."

Tao of Care

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Tao of Care

Professor Anne-Mei The developed an innovative method for Dementia Care resulting in a better quality of life and less costs. The assignment was to scale this method nationwide in The Netherlands. We turned this method into a proposition of services and launched it into the market in december 2021. We developed a market strategy, set priorities and attracted the right people for scaling the business.

Testimonial Anne-Mei The (founder)

“I didn’t know building and scaling companies was a profession. But Patrick has shown to be a master of this. He guided us through a difficult time in our organisation. Giving the team direction, confidence in the future, structure and new energy. And most importantly he helped us develop our market proposition and launched it into the market”

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Client X

After identifying and researching more than 30 business opportunities, we selected the 5 most promising.

Client X

After identifying and researching more than 30 business opportunities, we selected the 5 most promising.

Client X

After identifying and researching more than 30 business opportunities, we selected the 5 most promising.

Client X

After identifying and researching more than 30 business opportunities, we selected the 5 most promising.

Client X

After identifying and researching more than 30 business opportunities, we selected the 5 most promising.


Are we?

founder of

Patrick Anthonissen has a passion for combining entrepreneurship with doing good. Patrick is the founder of Young Impact and NLvoorelkaar. Together these organisations activated and helped more than 500.000 people. With over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and 10 years as a social entrepreneur he knows how to scale impact.


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